Closely studying early Christianity’s cultural and social aspects within ancient Mediterranean societies, David Reis currently teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Oregon. He earlier held a position there as a Visiting Assistant Professor. In that capacity, David Reis taught courses on orthodoxy and heresy in early and medieval Christianity, the beginnings of Christianity, and Jewish and Christian spiritual autobiographies. Prior to his current responsibilities, Dr. Reis served as Professor of Religious Studies at Bridgewater College in Virginia. Teaching seven to eight classes each year, he covered topics such as Jesus in history and culture and readings in the Hebrew scriptures. During his tenure at Bridgewater College, he also published several articles on early Christianity and the New Testament in academic journals such as the Journal of Early Christian Studies and Studia Patristica. In the latter publication, he authored the 2010 paper “Surveillance, Interrogation, and Discipline: Inside Ignatius’ Panopticon.”Dr. Reis has accepted invitations to lecture in diverse venues over the years. While an Assistant Professor at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, he spoke with Santa Fe Public Radio KSFR on “The Antichrist Theme in Contemporary Thought.” While a Bridgewater College professor, Dr. Reis presented a paper on “Eyesight to the Blind: A Scriptural Sounding at the Festival of Booths (John 9:1-41)” at a North River Ministerial Association meeting. David Reis most recently spoke at Portland State University on “Gospel Truth(s): A Critical Interrogation of the Good News.”


Claremont Graduate University


Jan 1994 - Jan 1999 | Claremont, CA

I received an M.A. in Religion in 1998 and a Ph.D. in 1999. The title of my dissertation is: "The Journey of the Soul: Its Expressions in Early Christianity." Awards: I received the Stuart Jardine Wolfenden Fellowship Fields of Study: Biblical Studies, The History of Christianity, History of Religions


University of Oregon

Professor of Religious Studies

Jan 2012 - Present | Eugene, OR

Department of Religious Studies

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